We have been working with CAFOweb for about three years. In my estimation, the forecasting reports have been very beneficial. They afford us the opportunity to monitor our green water distribution. CAFOweb tells us when the fields actually need more nitrogen for our crops.

Dave Hall; Ponderosa Dairy

CAFOweb’s manure management tool makes it easy to enter data, which saves me time. Managing my fields and lagoon is simplified using CAFOweb.

Daniel Vander Dussen; Rajen 2 Dairy

I use CAFOweb for my dairy record keeping. CAFOweb has helped me keep track of data and makes it easy to stay in compliance with regulatory agencies.

Gage Bonestroo; Bonestroo Dairies

We are hopeful CAFOweb will work well in our operation here. Being proactive on 'paper' work is half the game today in a 'guilty til proven innocent' industry.

Troy Lenssen; Lenssen Dairy