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In brief, CAFOwebTM is a web-based nutrient application forecasting system that provides real time management tools to the farmer for sustainable land application of green water, manure and fertilizers at agronomic rates.  CAFOwebTM stores and analyzes your data and prints compliance reports for sustainable land application rates, water quality, effluent chemistry, metered discharge to lagoons, crop irrigation, inspections, water rights and more.

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Nutrient and irrigation water management represent increasingly pressing issues for dairy producers and farmers in the western states. For example, New Mexico and California are tightening regulations for producers, resulting in more paperwork and recordkeeping. As consultants, it may feel like we are spending less time consulting and more time record-keeping. We developed CAFOweb™ as the solution for proactive nutrient management and record keeping. Our team hosted a webinar focusing on “Using new technologies in manure and nutrient management.” In this webinar we explain how CAFOweb™ can improve manure and nutrient management while increasing profits for producers. We welcome you to review this webinar and provide us with feedback at

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